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1776 Russian 5 Kopek of Catherine the Great - NGC Genuine

1776 Russian 5 Kopek of Catherine the Great - NGC Genuine

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About this Product
A Coin Honoring America’s Revolutionary Ally - Catherine the Great! The NGC Certified 1776 ‘5 Kopeks’ Copper Piece!

While there have only been a few women throughout history who have ruled a world superpower, few were as influential and impactful as Catherine the Great! She rose to power in 1762 when she was just 33 years old and would become the undisputed monarch of the world’s largest nation!

What many do not know is that Catherine the Great actually played a major part in helping the fledgling 13 Colonies in our War for Independence! She formed a group known as the “League of Armed Neutrality” that played an integral role in keeping the British military spread-thin worldwide and allowed us the chance to throw off the oppressive yoke of King George III once and for all!

We recently came across a small handful of Russian silver coins known as ‘5 Kopeks’ that bear the image of Catherine the Great! Each of these massive coins has an average weight of 51 grams, making them the largest copper coin ever struck for circulation!

But that is not all! Each of our coins have been certified by NGC as pieces struck in the year 1776, the same year we signed our Declaration of Independence! That makes each of these coins the perfect piece to add to any patriot’s collection!

A Coin Honoring the Woman who helped America secure its Freedom!

It cannot go without stating that the United States of America exists today because of the tenacity, determination, and will of the American colonists and their desire to no longer be ruled by oppressive tyrants… that being said, we certainly needed all the help we could get to take on the world’s then-largest superpower: the British Monarchy.

While the French were the only ally to send major military aid, it was Catherine’s League of Armed Neutrality that forced the British into a no-win situation! The league was created in order to allow the nation’s of the world NOT currently at war with one another to trade with anyone – regardless of their affiliation with any side during a conflict (except when it came to weapons of war). Great Britain did not like this one bit, and that was because many of the nations had already assisted either the 13 Colonies themselves or had provided aid to American Privateers around the world. As a result, the British repeatedly declared war on member-nations for this assistance!

While Great Britain had a larger navy than all of these nations combined, the mere threat of them attacking their forces in Europe forced the British to keep soldiers and ships there – which meant they could no longer be sent to fight against us!

Each of these Russian ‘5 Kopek’ coins are massive pieces of World History – with an average diameter of over 41mm and weight of around 51 grams! These coins hold the distinct honor of being the largest circulating copper piece in the world, making it one of the more sought after pieces from the 1700s among collectors today!

Coin Highlights
Each coin will arrive certified by NGC as being an authentic Russian ‘5 Kopek’ coin from the year 1776
Obverse: a beautiful rendition of Catherine the Great’s famous elegant crowned Monogram
Reverse: Features the iconic Double-headed eagle that was the emblem of House Romanov
Denomination Value of ‘5 Kopeks’
Minted from Copper
Diameter: Average between 41 mm and 44 mm (sizes differ from coin to coin due to their age)
Weight: about 51 Grams
Country of Issue: Russia
We only have a limited number of these stunning 1776 pieces in stock, so make sure you get yours today while you still can!
Once these sell out – that will be it! Don’t miss what might be your only chance!

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