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1997 $5 Gold American Eagle - NGC 70

1997 $5 Gold American Eagle - NGC 70

Our Price: $499.95
Year: 1997
Composition: 1/10 oz Pure Gold
Diameter: 16.5 mm
Mintage: 845

Product Code: 23451

About this Product
A Golden Opportunity for Collectors! The Rare 1997 $5 Gold Eagle in NGC MS70!

More than 35 years ago in 1986, the United States Mint produced one of the greatest gold coins ever made: the $5 Gold Eagle. The masterfully crafted 1986 $5 Gold piece was the U.S. Mint’s first foray into the World Gold Market and the beginning of the modern American Eagle Gold Series. Not only has this first stood the test of time, but it has also grown to become the #1 gold coin in the world today!

While out in Texas at a coin show, we came across something truly special…a pristine roll of 1997 $5 Gold American Eagles – but that's not all! The quality of these coins was so incredible, we decided to send the complete roll over to the expert graders at NGC to have them certified… and the results were out of this world! Almost half the roll of coins was still in PERFECT MS70 condition despite them being over 24 years old!

The Gold Coin That stands above the rest...

There are actually 4 factors that played into this coins continually growing popularity among collectors:

For Starters, we are the ones who made it! A Gold coin backed by the United States Government goes a long way in today’s global economy, and as such has become a favorite among collectors for its universal value and status as a piece of American history.

The fact that you can own it at all! For the better part of the 20th century, the majority of United States citizens were not allowed to own gold coinage. As a result many collectors simply like the fact that they can have their own treasure trove of Gold coins! Plus, who doesn’t like having a little gold tucked away for a rainy day?

They Were Viewed as an Investment. These coins were made IRA eligible when they were released by the United States Government. It wasn’t just collectors beating down the bank’s doors to get their hands on these gold pieces...it was serious investors too! As a result quality strikes can be hard to find due to most of these coins going straight from the mints into the banks, never again to see the light of day!

The coin is, quite simply, a truly beautiful rarity! Their first try at the design for the 1986 $5 Gold Eagle was the only one they needed at the United States Mint. The Obverse of this coin bears the beautiful St. Gaudens design from the early 20th Century, and is often considered by many to be the most beautiful gold coin ever issued! Add in the fact that they typically 10 times rarer than their uncirculated counterparts and you have a collector's dream coin!

… A Truly Rare Piece of U.S. Minting History!

These 1997 $5 American Eagle Gold coins are some of the rarest pieces known today in NGC Certified MS70 condition! Out of a total mintage of just 528,515, only 845 total coins are known to be in NGC MS70.

That means only 1 in every 625 $5 Gold Eagles from 1997 exist in this condition – that is less than ¼ of a single percent!

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