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Seasons Greetings - Star Wars Baby Yoda - 1oz Silver Ornament

2021 Seasons Greetings - Baby Yoda Grogu - Silver 1 oz Proof

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About this Product
‘Baby Yoda’ is the Must-Have Christmas Ornament of the Year! The 2021 Proof 1 oz. Silver Grogu has arrived!

A few years ago Disney started producing special 1 oz. silver coins that were designed to be used as Christmas ornaments – and they were a massive success! We are proud to announce the arrival of perhaps the most anticipated coin in their ‘Seasons Greetings’ Christmas ornament series – the 1 oz Silver ‘Baby Yoda’ himself, Grogu!

Disney took a chance a few years ago when they released the television show “Mandalorian” on their newest streaming service, and their gamble paid off so well it would have made Han Solo proud! The show went on to become an international phenomenon and is highly acclaimed by both critics & fans alike!

Fans of the new series fell in love with the small force-sensitive alien the bounty hunter helps find and keep safe, giving him the nickname ‘Baby Yoda’! We found out in season 2 that his real name is actually ‘Grogu’, and now he finally has his very 1 oz. silver Christmas Ornament!

The smash-hit status of the show “Mandalorian” combined with the massive success of the ‘Seasons Greetings’ series from Disney means that this special 1 oz. silver ornament will be the must-have gift for any Star War lover this Christmas!

‘Baby Yoda’s’ is coming to a Christmas Tree Near You!

The show “Mandalorian” follows an adopted member of a race of warriors known as ‘Mandalorians’ and is shot in a similar style to the old westerns that featured John Wayne. The ‘Mandalorians’ are an incredibly monastic, tribal, and honorific race of warriors originally hailing from the planet Mandalore. They are almost unparalleled fighters and soldiers, taking great pride on their ability and their adherence to the strict code of ethics they are governed by that is known as ‘The Way’. (Think the Spartans form the movie 300, but in Space!)

The titular Mandalorian is a man by the name of Din Djarin (played by Pedro Pascal), a lone Mandalorian bounty hunter in the outer reaches of the galaxy who is rightly feared. He was originally hired by some remnant Imperial forces operating after the destruction of the Death Star – with the mission to retrieve a child of Jedi Master Yoda’s species known as Grogu. Once the Mandalorian meets this child and is saved by him, he decides to go on the run and help protect the infant. While looking to reunite Grogu with others of his kind (the Jedi), they are pursued by the leader of the Imperial Remnant, Moff Gideon, who wants to use Grogu's connection to the Force to rebuild his own Empire.

Did you know? We don’t actually know the name of Master Yoda’s species, which is why Grogu earned the nickname ‘Baby Yoda’ – No one knew what else to call him! Outside of Master Yoda and Grogu himself, we only catch a short glimpse of a single other member of their species during the 9-film series!

This is the Way this Christmas – A True Collecting Rarity from Disney!

The Star Wars ‘Classic’ coins have been struck since 2017 and are often some of the most popular Star Wars silver dollars among collectors today – in large part thanks to their incredibly small mintages! These coins typically have mintages of 10,000 or less… making them significantly rarer than the popular Star Wars Bullion pieces!

For comparison, the 2018 & 2019 Star Wars bullion pieces were a smash-hit and lead to almost immediate sellouts with mintages of 250,000 each!

But, these new Season’s Greetings ‘Baby Yoda’ coins are kicking it up another notch – with a maximum mintage of just 2,021 total coins!

That is right, these 2021 Grogu coins are more than 123-times rarer than some of the prior Star Wars bullion coins and ALMOST FIVE-TIMES RARER than the 2017 and 2018 Star Wars Classic coins!

The obverse of this special Christmas ornament features ‘Baby Yoda’ jumping out of the ‘O’ in the word JOY with his arms stretched as wide as his little arms will let him (he’s jumping for joy!’). The words ‘To the Galaxy’ are also inscribed, a reference to the iconic phrase ‘Joy to the world’ and the field of the coin is covered in festive-colored flora and snowflakes!

The reverse of this 2022 Star Wars coin displays an image of Queen Elizabeth II and was produced by the New Zealand Mint on behalf of the Island of Niue.

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