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The 1st 5 Indian Head Cents - 1859 to 1863

First 5 Years of Indian Head Cents - 1859 to 1863

Our Price: $124.75
Year: 1859 to 1863
Mint(s): Philadelphia
Composition: Copper
Diameter: 19 mm
Mintage: Various

Product Code: 30536

About this Product
A New Era of Coinage Begins...The First 5 Years of Indian Head Cents (1859-1863)

The United States Cent is one of the most popular collector coins released by the U.S. Mint over the last 200 years! The vast majority of their collectability stems from the fact that the U.S. Cent has an extremely unique history in regards to their production, design, diameter, and their historical significance! (The United States Mint’s 1st circulating coin ever produced was the Cent!).

One of the most iconic variations of the United States Cent is the fabled “Indian Head” cent, which was last produced in 1909, Over 100 years ago! After spending the last few years searching the nation, we are proud to bring back one of our most popular collections ever – the 1st 5 Indian Head Cents ever produced!

An Indian (Cent) By Any other name...

Now I know a few of you more experienced collectors will say the "Indian Head" cent is actually not an Indian... and you are in fact correct! The moniker “Indian Head Cent” is a term that was actually derived from the collector’s themselves! The profile on the design of the “Indian Head” cent is actually the image of our own “Lady Liberty” wearing an Indian Headdress, not an actual Native American.

Of the Indian Head Cents, those from the first 5 years of issue are easily the most sought after. At over 157+ years old, these first few years of issue are harder and harder to find each year. When was the last time you saw ANY Indian head cent in your pocket change...let alone find coins as rare as the Indian Head cents from 1859-1863?

Did you know? More cents were made in 2009 than in the ENTIRE run of Indian head cents from 1859 to 1909! Talk about Scarce!

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