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Susan B Anthony Collection 1979 - 81 & 99 - Unc & Proof - 15 coin set

Susan B Anthony Collection 1979 - 81 & 99 - Unc & Proof - 15 coin set

Our Price: $99.95
Year: 1979-1981 &1999
Mint(s): Philadelphia, Denver & San Francisco
Composition: Copper/Nickel
Diameter: 26.5 mm

Product Code: 21395

The Susan B. Anthony dollar is special because it had not one, but THREE United States Mint firsts on just one design! The S.B.A. Dollars were the first ‘Mini-Dollars’ ever struck by the United States Mint while simultaneously being the first coin ever produced by the United States Mint for circulation bearing the image of a woman! The size of the coin and the honoring of Susan B. Anthony were not the only unique aspect of these new dollars for circulation...it was also the first time in United States History that the Mint used the reverse design from another coin after it had been removed from production! That’s right; these “mini-dollars” had the same reverse design as the collector-favorite Eisenhower Dollar that came before them!

Much like the Eisenhower Dollars, the Susan B. Anthony Dollars downfall was directly linked to its everyday use…American’s were confusing them with their quarters in their pockets due to their small size and just plain refused to carry them!

As the massive stockpiles of Susan B. Anthony dollars struck 20 years earlier finally dwindled at the United Sates Mint, one final year of Susan B. Anthony Dollars was approved and produced to meet the monetary needs of the nation. This 18 year span represented the longest gap between two dates of the same series in the history of U.S. coinage.

Traditionally, the U.S. Mint features every circulating coin design for every issue made each year in the Official U.S. Mint Set and Proof Sets. However, neither of the sets released in 1999 had these special Susan B. Anthony Dollars…Officially cementing their status as “Secret” among avid coin collectors. Most collectors aren’t even aware of their existence to this day – more than 16 years later!

Three coins were made that year: an uncirculated version from both the Philadelphia & Denver Mints, and a Philadelphia Mint Collector's Proof. The Mint Collectors Proof was the only Philadelphia Mint proof struck in the Susan B. Anthony program (the 79, 80 and 81 Proofs were struck at the San Francisco Mint). It was also the first "P" mint proof of a circulating coin since 1964!

The complete set of both uncirculated and proof SBA Dollars! This set includes Uncirculated coins from the Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco Mints ( 79 to 81 ), the Philadelphia & Denver for 1999 as well as the San Francisco Mint Proofs from 1979-81 and a Philadelphia Mint proof from 1999! The 1981 & 1999 coins were never released into circulation. Each coin is encapsulated and placed in a custom display box.

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