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These coins are literally perfect! It does not get any better than a 70, and below are our best of the best!
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2009 Louis Braille Silver Dollar - Proof PR70 2017 Lincoln Cent - San Francisco - Proof Roll
Our Price: $99.95
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Our Price: $229.95
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2009 Louis Braille Silver Dollar - Proof PR70 2017 Lincoln Cent - San Francisco - Proof Roll
  When introduced in 1909, the Lincoln Cent was the first U.S. coin intended for circulation to depict a U.S. President. It was also the first U.S. cent to bear the motto "In God We Trust." Two distinct reverse design types were issued during it's first hundred years in circulation: Wheat Ears (1909-1958) and Lincoln Memorial (1959-2008). Entering 2009, after 100 years in circulation, the Lincoln Cent holds the record for the longest tenured coin in U.S. History!

This proof cent was minted at the San Francisco Mint or "S" Mint and has been independently certified as a perfect, "Deep Cameo Proof 70" by ANACS (The American Numismatic Association Certification Service, America's oldest independent certification service).

The term "Proof" refers to a method of manufacture and NOT the condition of a coin. Proof coins can usually be distinguished by their sharpness of detail, high wire edge, and extremely brilliant - mirror like surface. Proof coins are made from highly polished dies. The coinage blanks are also polished and cleaned. They are hand fed into a coinage press one at a time, with each blank receiving 2 or more strikes from the dies to bring up sharp - high relief details. It is done at slow speeds with extra pressure. Finished Proofs are individually inspected and handled by gloves or tongs prior to being placed in sonically sealed plastic cases.