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2002 State Quarters

In 2002, the United States Mint's 50 State Quarters program entered its fourth year, unveiling five new state-themed coin designs that celebrated the distinctive history and culture of each state. These quarters were released in the order the states joined the Union. The first quarter of 2002 honored Tennessee, featuring a trio of musical instruments—a guitar, fiddle, and trumpet—alongside three stars, symbolizing the state's rich musical heritage and its three distinct regions. The second quarter paid tribute to Ohio, showcasing the historic Wright Flyer, an astronaut, and an outline of the state to represent Ohio's significant contributions to aviation and space exploration. The third quarter celebrated Louisiana, depicting a striking scene of a jazz trumpet player, a pelican, and the outline of the Louisiana Purchase territory, highlighting the state's vibrant culture and its pivotal role in American history. The fourth quarter, commemorating Indiana, featured an image of the iconic Indianapolis 500 race car, a circle of 19 stars representing Indiana's admission as the 19th state, and the state's motto, "Crossroads of America," reflecting its central location and rich transportation history. Finally, the fifth quarter issued in 2002 honored Mississippi, showcasing the elegant magnolia blossom, the state flower, which symbolizes the state's natural beauty and gracious Southern charm. As with previous releases, these state quarters were minted in limited quantities, capturing the fascination of collectors and the general public, and encouraging a deeper understanding and appreciation of America's diverse heritage.

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