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1999 State Quarters

In 1999, the United States Mint embarked on an ambitious and historic numismatic program called the 50 State Quarters, which aimed to release a series of circulating commemorative coins celebrating each state's unique heritage and identity. The inaugural year featured five distinct designs, issued in the order the states joined the Union. The first quarter honored Delaware and showcased the iconic image of Caesar Rodney on horseback, a pivotal figure in the state's history. The Pennsylvania quarter, released second, depicted the Commonwealth's role in the establishment of the United States with the statue of the Commonwealth and an outline of the state. The third quarter celebrated New Jersey's crucial contribution to the American Revolution with a depiction of George Washington's daring crossing of the Delaware River. The fourth quarter honored Georgia, featuring a charming design that combined the state's original peach emblem with a live oak, symbolizing the state's rich history and lush natural beauty. Finally, the Connecticut quarter, the fifth and last released in 1999, showcased the iconic Charter Oak, an enduring symbol of the state's perseverance and commitment to freedom. Each state quarter was minted in limited quantities and quickly became a popular collectible item, capturing the imagination of both numismatists and the general public.

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