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Prestige Proof Sets

Welcome to our dedicated category for the U.S. Mint's Prestige Proof Sets, all in their original government packaging. Our collection embodies the rich history of U.S. coinage, each set a shining testament to the craftsmanship and quality that collectors have come to expect from the U.S. Mint.

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About Prestige Proof Sets

The Prestige Proof Sets are a unique category of U.S. coinage. Produced between 1983 and 1997, these sets are renowned for their high-quality finishes and the inclusion of commemorative coins. Each set comes in its original government packaging, ensuring the utmost integrity and authenticity of the coins within.

Our Collection

We're proud to present an extensive collection of Prestige Proof Sets. Each one tells a unique story, with its own significance and historical context. We ensure that every set is kept in its original government packaging to maintain its pristine condition and quality.

  • 1983 Prestige Proof Set - Olympic Silver Dollar
  • 1984 Prestige Proof Set - Olympic Coliseum Silver Dollar
  • 1986 Prestige Proof Set - Statue of Liberty Silver Dollar and Ellis Island Half Dollar
  • 1987 Prestige Proof Set - Constitution Bicentennial Silver Dollar
  • 1988 Prestige Proof Set - Olympic Silver Dollar
  • 1989 Prestige Proof Set - Congressional Bicentennial Dollar and Half Dollar
  • 1990 Prestige Proof Set - Eisenhower Centennial Silver Dollar
  • 1991 Prestige Proof Set - Mount Rushmore Golden Anniversary Half Dollar and Silver Dollar
  • 1992 Prestige Proof Set - Olympic Silver Dollar and Half Dollar
  • 1993 Prestige Proof Set - Bill of Rights Silver Half Dollar and Silver Dollar
  • 1994 Prestige Proof Set - World Cup USA Silver Dollar and Half Dollar
  • 1995 Prestige Proof Set - Civil War Battlefield Preservation Half Dollar and Silver Dollar
  • 1996 Prestige Proof Set - Olympic Rowing Silver Dollar and Half Dollar
  • 1997 Prestige Proof Set - Botanic Garden Silver Dollar

Why Choose Our Prestige Proof Sets?

When you choose to add one of our Prestige Proof Sets to your collection, you're not just acquiring a set of coins. You're becoming the custodian of a piece of history, a set of coins that have been meticulously crafted and beautifully preserved. Each set in our collection:

  • Comes in its original government packaging, maintaining the authenticity and integrity of the coins.
  • Includes a certificate of authenticity from the U.S. Mint.
  • Is carefully curated to ensure quality and historical significance.

Explore our range of U.S. Mint Prestige Proof Sets and discover the perfect addition to your collection today.