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2004 State Quarters

In 2004, the United States Mint's 50 State Quarters program entered its sixth year, unveiling five new state-themed coin designs that celebrated the unique history and culture of each state. These quarters were released in the order the states joined the Union. The first quarter of 2004 honored Michigan, featuring an outline of the state and the Great Lakes, highlighting Michigan's distinctive geography and its vital role in the region's ecosystem and economy. The second quarter paid tribute to Florida, showcasing a Spanish galleon, a space shuttle, and palm trees, representing the state's rich history, its contributions to space exploration, and its tropical allure. The third quarter celebrated Texas, depicting the Lone Star, an outline of the state, and a lariat encircling the design, symbolizing Texas's independent spirit and its iconic cowboy heritage. The fourth quarter, commemorating Iowa, featured a one-room schoolhouse, a teacher, and students planting a tree, honoring the state's commitment to education and its strong agricultural roots. Finally, the fifth quarter issued in 2004 honored Wisconsin, showcasing a dairy cow, a wheel of cheese, and an ear of corn, representing the state's thriving dairy and agricultural industries that contribute significantly to its economy. As with previous releases, these state quarters were minted in limited quantities, capturing the interest of collectors and the general public while promoting a deeper understanding and appreciation of America's diverse heritage.

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