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Revel in the Splendor of Seated Liberty Dimes

A Quintessential Piece of American Numismatic History

Embark on a journey into the enchanting world of Seated Liberty Dimes, a beloved classic that has captured the hearts of numismatists for generations. First minted in 1837, these coins offer a captivating glimpse into America's past and showcase the artistic prowess of their time. Let's delve into the fascinating tale behind these historical gems.

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Seated Liberty Dime History

The Seated Liberty Dime was introduced in 1837, replacing the Capped Bust Dime. Designed by the renowned Christian Gobrecht, the 3rd Chief Engraver of the United States Mint, this design graced the nation's dimes for nearly six decades. Produced until 1891, Seated Liberty Dimes remain a popular choice among collectors for their beauty and historical significance.

Design of the Seated Liberty Dime

The obverse of the Seated Liberty Dime features a serene depiction of Lady Liberty seated on a rock, holding a Union shield and a staff topped with a Liberty cap, symbolizing freedom and national unity. The reverse showcases a wreath encircling the denomination "ONE DIME," representing strength and prosperity. The elegant design of Seated Liberty Dimes embodies the spirit of the United States during the 19th century.

Composition of the Seated Liberty Dime

Struck from 90% silver and 10% copper, Seated Liberty Dimes boast a beautiful metallic sheen that has endured for over a century. The 90% silver content is an appealing factor for numismatists and adds to the allure of these coins.

Seated Liberty Dime Mint Marks

Seated Liberty Dimes were produced at various US Mint facilities, including Philadelphia, New Orleans, San Francisco, and Carson City. Mint marks can be found on the reverse side of the coin, just below the wreath. Coins struck at the Philadelphia Mint do not carry a mint mark, while "O" represents New Orleans, "S" signifies San Francisco, and "CC" stands for Carson City.

Key Dates and Varieties

Certain Seated Liberty Dimes are highly valued due to their rarity, low mintage, or unique features. Some key dates and varieties to look for include:

  1. 1844: Known as the "Little Orphan Annie," this coin is relatively scarce and highly prized in higher grades.
  2. 1871-CC: With a limited mintage, this Carson City issue is considered a key date and is highly sought after by collectors.
  3. 1873 & 1873-CC Arrows at Date: These varieties feature arrows on either side of the date, signifying a slight increase in weight, and are quite desirable.

Seated Liberty Dime Condition and Grading

The condition of a Seated Liberty Dime plays a crucial role in its desirability among collectors. Coins with minimal wear, sharp details, and attractive surfaces are highly valued. Grading services, such as PCGS and NGC, provide expert assessments of a coin's condition, assisting collectors in determining the quality and value of their Seated Liberty Dimes. High-grade examples, particularly key dates, are in great demand among numismatists.

Discover Historical Charm

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Seated Liberty Dimes and enhance your coin collection with these exquisite pieces of American numismatic history. The elegance, history, and allure of these coins offer a rewarding collecting experience for both novice and experienced numismatists. Add Seated Liberty Dimes to your collection today and cherish the timeless beauty and craftsmanship of these classic American treasures.