Who Is Collectors Alliance?
The Most Trusted Name in Collecting!

A History…

For over 25 years, Collectors Alliance has been the most trusted name in coin collecting! Chances are you have seen our vast inventory on some of the largest television shopping networks in the nation, including HSN, CSN, AVC, Shop NBC, Value Vision, and Shop at Home. Together the three men below are the face of this company. They have over 75 years of collective experience both on, and off, the air. In fact, together they have logged more air time than any other company in our field combined! These men specialize in broadcasting the concept of collecting nationwide, and sharing their vast wealth of collectible knowledge with you.

Steve Klimek : Steve, born and raised in Green Bay, Wisconsin, is the President of Collectors Alliance. For almost three decades Steve has worked both on and off-screen to build a company that provides amazing coins at even better prices. An expert in numismatics, Steve really knows his stuff! Outside of work, Steve is known as an avid Packers fan. His two sons, now in their twenties, hope to one day follow in their father’s footsteps and join the family business.

Don Davis: Don has been the host for AVC’s Collectible Coins for 3 years, but has been on television for over a quarter of a century on HSN, America’s Store, the Shopping Channel and more. He has a passion for collectibles, with an emphasis on coins. His goal isn’t just to show you beautiful coins, but to teach you about their numismatics and the history behind them. Off-Air Don is known simply as a loving husband and father, who is a hobbyist at heart. You can watch Don Davis on AVC every week on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 5-10pm, and Sundays from 5-7pm.

Mike Mezack : Mike is, and always has been, the face of the collectible coin movement on television. For over a quarter of a century, Mike has been selling coins on the Home Shopping Network. In addition, he has spent over a decade on Value Vision, Shop at Home, CSN, and in numerous infomercials. He specializes on the best deals for the finest coins on the market. If you’ve never seen his show, make sure to check him out. As Mike says, “If you’re going to collect something, and everyone does, it might as well be money.”

Collectors Alliance in a Nutshell

We are more than a nationally recognized client services firm specializing in collectibles, we are a company large enough to suit all your collectible needs, while still giving you that one-on-one specialized care of a mom and pop shop. Our dedicated sales executives are certified and extensively trained in numismatics, and are always here to help. Feel free to give them a call at our toll free number 1-800-997-9845 with any of your coin questions/needs!

Located in Lakewood, New Jersey our 40,000 square foot facility has it all. At any given time our warehouse holds over 30,000 different types of coins! Here at Collectors Alliance, however, it isn’t all business. We understand the importance of our community, and giving back. That is why we gladly open up our doors for practice areas for our local cheers teams ranging from elementary school age to collegiate squads.

Why Collectors Alliance? It’s simple, really. As President Steve Klimek always says it’s all the about the four KEYS to collecting: Popularity, Rarity, Quality, and Value. Look no further than our coin superstore to fulfill all four!

Collectors Alliance: The Most Trusted Name in Collecting.