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Embrace the Legacy of Jefferson Nickels

A Tribute to American Ingenuity

Dive into the fascinating world of Jefferson Nickels, a long-running series that pays homage to one of America's founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson. These five-cent pieces have been a staple of American coinage since 1938, and their rich history and evolving design make them an essential addition to any numismatic collection. Explore our exquisite collection of Jefferson Nickels and celebrate the enduring spirit of American innovation.

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The Timeless Appeal of the Jefferson Nickel (1938-present)

Introduced in 1938 as a successor to the Buffalo Nickel, the Jefferson Nickel was designed by German-born artist Felix Schlag. This coin series has undergone several design changes over the years, reflecting the evolving artistic trends and the nation's historical milestones.

Jefferson Nickel Design and Symbolism

The original obverse of the Jefferson Nickel features a left-facing portrait of Thomas Jefferson, while the reverse showcases his iconic home, Monticello. In 2004, the Westward Journey Nickel Series brought temporary design changes to commemorate the Louisiana Purchase and the Lewis and Clark expedition. Today's modern design, introduced in 2006, highlights a forward-facing portrait of Jefferson and a refined rendition of Monticello on the reverse.

Thomas Jefferson: Founding Father and the Jefferson Nickel

Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826), the third President of the United States, was a key figure in the founding of the nation. A brilliant thinker and statesman, Jefferson's contributions to American democracy and the principles of individual liberty are celebrated on the Jefferson Nickel, a popular collector's item and symbol of American history.

Early Life and Career

Born on April 13, 1743, in Shadwell, Virginia, Thomas Jefferson was raised in a prominent and wealthy family. He attended the College of William and Mary and went on to study law under George Wythe, one of the most respected legal minds of the time. As a lawyer and planter, Jefferson became an influential figure in Virginia politics.

Founding Father and Statesman

As a member of the Continental Congress, Thomas Jefferson played a pivotal role in drafting the Declaration of Independence, which proclaimed the American colonies' freedom from British rule. In addition to serving as a diplomat in France, he was also the first Secretary of State under President George Washington and the second Vice President under President John Adams.

Presidency and Accomplishments

Thomas Jefferson was elected the third President of the United States in 1800. His presidency was marked by a number of significant achievements, including:

  • Louisiana Purchase: In 1803, Jefferson negotiated the acquisition of the Louisiana Territory from France, effectively doubling the size of the United States and opening up vast lands for westward expansion.
  • Lewis and Clark Expedition: Jefferson commissioned Meriwether Lewis and William Clark to explore the newly acquired western territory, leading to a greater understanding of the continent's geography and natural resources.
  • Embargo Act of 1807: In an effort to protect American interests and avoid war, Jefferson imposed an embargo on foreign trade, which ultimately proved to be economically disastrous and highly unpopular.

Thomas Jefferson's life was marked by his dedication to the principles of democracy and individual liberty. His contributions to the founding of the United States and the shaping of its government have left an enduring impact on the nation. In 1938, the United States Mint introduced the Jefferson Nickel to honor his legacy. The coin features a portrait of Jefferson on the obverse and his iconic home, Monticello, on the reverse.

Varieties and Mint Marks of the Jefferson Nickels

Our Jefferson Nickel collection spans a diverse range of dates, mint marks, and design variations, allowing you to explore the series' intriguing history and evolution. Discover coins from the Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco Mints, each with their own distinct story and appeal. As you delve into our offerings, you'll find an array of options to expand and enrich your numismatic collection.

Key Jefferson Nickel Dates and Rarities

For collectors seeking the exceptional, our selection of Jefferson Nickels features key dates and rarities that will make your collection truly unique. Among these treasures, you'll find the low-mintage 1939-D and 1950-D issues, as well as the coveted 1942-1945 silver "Wartime" Nickels, which were minted with a silver, copper, and manganese alloy to conserve nickel for the war effort. These remarkable coins not only hold numismatic significance but also serve as reminders of pivotal moments in American history.

Quality and Conservation

We take pride in offering Jefferson Nickels that meet the highest standards of quality and conservation. Our collection features coins in a range of conditions, from circulated examples with rich histories to high-grade, uncirculated specimens. You can trust that every coin in our inventory has been carefully curated to ensure authenticity and outstanding preservation.

Discover the enduring legacy of Jefferson Nickels and immerse yourself in the captivating stories behind these iconic five-cent pieces. Our carefully curated collection offers a wide range of dates, mint marks, and rarities, ensuring you'll find the perfect addition to your numismatic journey. Celebrate the spirit of American innovation and start or expand your collection of Jefferson Nickels with us today.