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Ancient Rome Rare Coins

Welcome to our exclusive collection of certified Ancient Roman coins, meticulously authenticated by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC). As a reputable seller specializing in the finest historical numismatic treasures, we take pride in offering an extensive range of exquisite Roman coins that have withstood the test of time.

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Our Ancient Roman coin collection features an impressive selection of coins from various periods, spanning from the Roman Republic to the late Roman Empire. Each coin is a unique artifact that reflects the rich cultural heritage and historical significance of one of the most influential civilizations in human history. They also showcase the intricate craftsmanship and artistry of Roman minters, making them highly sought after by collectors, and history enthusiasts alike.

Every coin in our collection has undergone a thorough authentication process by the NGC, one of the world's most renowned and trusted coin grading services. The NGC certification ensures that our customers receive only the highest-quality coins with accurate historical representation and preservation. Each coin is encapsulated in a protective holder, along with an NGC certification label indicating the coin's authenticity and any additional pertinent information.

Discover our exceptional range of Roman and Byzantine coins, featuring a variety of historically significant rulers and iconic designs. Our collection boasts an array of bronze coins struck under the rule of renowned emperors such as Constans, Constantine, Gallienus, Constantine II, Gallus, Valens, Theodosius, Valentinian, Julian II, Licinius I, Aurelian, and Probus. In addition to these remarkable pieces, our collection also includes the iconic Widow's Mites and Byzantine Folles, featuring the revered image of Christ.

Roman Bronze Coins

Our Roman bronze coin collection showcases an array of denominations and designs that offer a glimpse into the lives and legacies of some of the most influential rulers in Roman history including:

  1. Constans - Famous for his strong support of the Christian church and the establishment of Constantinople, his coins often feature religious imagery and symbols of victory.
  2. Constantine - Known as Constantine the Great, his coinage often depicts Sol Invictus (the Unconquered Sun), representing his devotion to the sun god before embracing Christianity.
  3. Gallienus - His coins often feature various deities, animals, and military imagery, reflecting his reign's struggles and triumphs.
  4. Constantine II - Son of Constantine the Great, his coins often depict him wearing a laurel wreath and various military symbols, highlighting his military achievements.
  5. Gallus - His coinage often features images of Victory or the goddess Roma, reflecting the significance of military strength during his reign.
  6. Valens - His coins typically display images of Victory or the emperor holding a labarum, symbolizing his defense of the empire against various enemies.
  7. Theodosius - Known for making Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire, his coins often depict Christian symbols and imagery.
  8. Valentinian - His coins showcase a range of imagery, including emblems of victory, the emperor in military attire, and various deities.
  9. Julian II - Also known as Julian the Apostate, his coins often feature traditional pagan imagery and symbols of learning and wisdom.
  10. Licinius I - His coinage showcases a range of designs, including the emperor in military attire, images of Jupiter, and symbols of victory.
  11. Aurelian - Noted for his military successes and efforts to reunify the Roman Empire, his coins often depict Sol Invictus or the emperor in military attire.
  12. Probus - His coins display a wide array of imagery, including various gods, the emperor in military attire, and symbols of victory and prosperity.

Widow's Mites

Our collection also includes the iconic Widow's Mites, small bronze coins that hold significant meaning in Christian tradition. These coins, often associated with the biblical story of the widow's offering, serve as a powerful symbol of faith and humility.

Byzantine Folles with the Image of Christ

The Byzantine Folles in our collection, featuring the revered image of Christ, represent a significant shift in the Byzantine Empire's numismatic history. These coins symbolize the empire's strong Christian identity and the central role of religion in Byzantine society.

Experience the allure of Ancient Rome through our exceptional range of certified Roman coins. Whether you're looking to add a unique piece to your collection or seeking an unforgettable gift for a history enthusiast, our certified Ancient Roman coins by NGC are sure to captivate and inspire. Browse our collection today and embark on a journey through time, discovering the fascinating world of Roman numismatics.