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1999 Georgia State Quarters

Welcome to our exclusive collection of 1999 Georgia Quarters, a sought-after addition for coin enthusiasts everywhere. Available in both uncirculated and graded conditions, these coins honor the vibrant history and enduring charm of Georgia – the "Peach State." Delve into our selection and acquire a piece of American legacy for your collection today.

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Uncirculated 1999 Georgia Quarters: Impeccable Condition

For collectors who cherish originality and elegance, our uncirculated 1999 Georgia Quarters are an ideal choice. These coins have never been circulated, ensuring they retain their pristine, mint state. As you browse our uncirculated collection, you'll find coins with:

  • Stunning, radiant surfaces
  • Sharp, well-defined details
  • Flawless, original mint luster
  • Each uncirculated coin is carefully packaged to maintain its impeccable condition and ensure safe arrival to your collection.

    Graded 1999 Georgia Quarters: Certified Prestige

    For collectors seeking the finest coins, our graded 1999 Georgia Quarters provide the assurance of certified prestige. These coins have been rigorously inspected and assessed by reputable grading services such as NGC and PCGS. You can expect:

    • Authenticated and graded coins, sealed in protective holders
    • Transparent grading standards for consistent evaluation
    • Accurate representation of the coin's condition and quality

    Our graded Georgia Quarters allow you to confidently add a coin to your collection, knowing its quality has been verified by industry professionals.

    The 1999 Georgia Quarter: A Celebration of Heritage

    As the fourth coin released in the 50 State Quarters Program, the 1999 Georgia Quarter holds a special significance for collectors. The coin's reverse features the iconic image of a peach within an outline of the state, paying homage to Georgia's rich agricultural heritage. The design also includes live oak sprigs, representing the state tree, and the state motto "Wisdom, Justice, Moderation."

    Whether you're an experienced collector or just beginning your numismatic journey, our 1999 Georgia Quarters offer a unique and historically meaningful addition to any collection. Browse our selection today and bring home a piece of America's rich heritage.