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2021 Morgan Silver Dollar - Carson City Mint - Original Government Packaging

2021 Morgan Silver Dollar-Carson City Mint-Original Government Packaging

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The 1st Carson City Morgan Dollar in 128 years: 2021’s Carson City Privy-Mark Morgan Dollar!

When it comes to collecting silver dollars, there are two that stand above the rest: the fabled Morgan Dollar and the Peace Dollar that followed in its footsteps. These two silver dollars were struck from 1878 to 1935 and during their 57-year run they became synonymous with the United States and the Wild West! These silver dollars were only struck together for a single year in 1921 – the final year of the Morgan Dollar and the first year of the Peace Dollar!

In honor of the 100th anniversary of the transition from the Morgan Dollar to the Peace Dollar, the U.S. Mint has released 6 special anniversary coins in a one-of-a-kind collection honoring these Silver Dollar icons!

We have the 1st Carson City Morgan Dollar struck in 128 years still in their Original Government Packaging from the U.S. Mint in 2021 – a coin that is sure to be a key to the Morgan Dollar Series!

Two True All-American Silver Dollars – The Morgan and the Peace

The Morgan Dollar became America's most sought after coin in due part because it hits the collector's tri-fecta: It was the largest silver coin ever issued for circulation in the United States, it was the longest tenured silver coin in the United States Mint history, and it has one of the best "stories" of any collector's coin around. Known to many a collector as the 'True' Silver Dollar of the "Wild West", many famous outlaws throughout American frontier history made their living by robbing banks and trains for their bags of Morgan Dollars...Who would have thought they would be even more popular almost 100 years later!

The follow-up to this special silver dollar was known as ‘The Peace Dollar’ and was struck to commemorate the end of WWI. This new silver dollar became famous among collectors due to the fact it was issued without congressional approval under the terms of the Pittman Act of 1918. The act referred to a bullion dollar being created, but did not specify the design. Coin collectors lobbied the Mint to issue a coin that memorialized the peace the world experienced following World War I. Congress would not pass a bill requiring a design change (the Morgan was the last), but they were able to persuade government officials to take action!

The original design of the peace dollar was struck in high-relief. The images of Liberty and Majestic Eagle were created higher than traditional coins, but after only a month the design was re-worked. The coins wouldn't stack properly, creating an issue for merchants across the country. The design incorporated the words "In God We Trust" like all U.S. coins ... but here the word "Trust" was spelled "Trvst" - the letter V for victory in WWI.

Did you know? The new Peace Dollar would be the first U.S. coin to be issued without congressional sanction.

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