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2022 Kennedy Half Dollar - P D & Proof

2022 Kennedy Half Dollar - P D & Proof

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2022's New Kennedy Half Dollars P/D/S Collection

John F. Kennedy is one of our nation’s most iconic presidents, and it is easy to see why he is so beloved! It was today, June 12th, all the way back in 1944 that our soon to be Commander-in-Chief would earn his Navy & Marine Corps Medal for Bravery and Purple Heart serving in WWII. While on a night-time mission, Kennedy’s P.T. boat was rammed and destroyed by a Japanese destroyer…and it was in this aftermath that the true heroism of John F. Kennedy was seen: he swam to each of the wounded survivors and swam them one-by-one to safety amongst the wreckage. He did all of this while his back had become severely injured during the wreck, nearly killing himself with the effort.

With such a rich history, it is no surprise that the Kennedy Half Dollar has been one of America's favorite coins since its inception in 1964. It is a collecting icon with a history of production well over 50 years long and still going strong!

We are proud to announce the arrival of the new 2022 Kennedy Half Dollar P/D/ S Set struck by the United States Mint!

The 'Collector-Only' Kennedy Half Dollars from 2022

This 3pc. collection contains both Uncirculated Kennedy Half Dollars struck in 2022, the Philadelphia and Denver Mint issues, as well as the 2022 Clad Proof from San Francisco.

The Uncirculated Kennedy Half Dollar has not been struck for circulation since 2001 -- which means that if you did not buy Uncirculated rolls of Kennedy Half Dollars from the Philadelphia or Denver Mints in 2022 -- the chances of you just finding these coins in your pocket change is incredibly rare!

The 2022 Proof Kennedy half dollar is from the official Proof Set struck at the San Francisco Mint -- the only way to get these stunning Kennedys! As of today (6/12/2022) the 2022 Proof Set mintage is just: 256,925!

Compare that with the 3-4 million Proof Sets Struck from 1964 to the late 1990s and you see just how rare these 2022 Kennedy Proof half dollars truly are!

This collection is a must-have for any half dollar collector!

That is right, we have the 2022 Proof Kennedy Half Dollar & Both 2022 Uncirculated Philadelphia and Denver Mint Issues for less than the price of JUST the proof coin with our competition!

Don’t miss your chance, grab yours today while you still can!

Each 2022 Kennedy Half Dollar P/D/S Set will arrive with Two uncirculated coins (Philadelphia and Denver) and one Clad Proof coin (San Francisco). All three coins will be encapsulated and arrive in a black collectors pouch!

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