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Americas First Half Dollar The Capped Bust (1807 - 1839) Circulated

Americas First Half Dollar The Capped Bust (1807 - 1839) Circulated

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Our Price: $129.95
Year: 1807 - 1839
Mint(s): Philadelphia
Composition: Silver - Copper
Diameter: 32.5 mm
Mintage: Various

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Product Code: 18875

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America's First True Half Dollar

The Capped Bust (1807-1839)

While the United States Mint first started striking half dollars in 1794, they were produced in relatively small mintages. As a result, they were often drowned out in the young and burgeoning American economy by Spanish and English coins. It would not be until 1807 that the United States Mint would strike the first 'true' everyday silver half dollar: the Capped Bust.

Struck from 1807 to 1839, these coins featured an image of Lady Liberty wearing a cap -- the design used by the U.S. Mint on all circulating silver coins at the time.

Thanks to the U.S. Mint striking no silver dollars from 1804 to 1836, these silver half dollars were the true workhorse of the American economy -- making them incredibly rare today.

The Forgotten Workhorse of the American Economy That Became a True Collecting Rarity of Today

These half dollars were the largest denomination coins struck by the United States Mint for circulation during their time -- which meant they had to do all the heavy lifting.

Although, the U.S. Mint did its best to keep an ample supply of coins in circulation, it was a young government with other financial needs at the time and they could only do so much.

If you add up all the Bust Half Dollars struck by the Philadelphia Mint between 1807 and 1839, it totals just 80,998,000 total coins.

While that might seem like a lot, the United States is a BIG country with a massive economy that was growing by leaps and bounds at the time.

Compare their mintage with the last silver half dollar struck by the United States Mint for circulation, the 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar -- they struck a total of 429,509,450 total silver half dollars in 1964 at the Philadelphia and Denver Mints.

That makes these Bust Half Dollar more than 5-times rarer than JUST the 1964 Kennedy -- and that is for the entire 30-year span of the Capped Bust!

Did you Know?

The Capped Bust Silver Half Dollar was the first U.S. coin to incorporate edge lettering with the denomination. This was added to the coins to help prevent privateers from shaving small amounts of silver from each coin -- a common practice at the time.

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