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Last 30 Years of Indian Cents - 1880 to 1909

Last 30 Years of Indian Cents-30 Coin Collection (1880 to 1909)

Our Price: $179.95
Year: 1880-1909
Composition: Copper
Diameter: 19 mm

Product Code: 28216

About this Product

The End of the Indian Cent Era in One Collection: The Last 30 Years of Indian Head Cents (1880-1909)

The United States cent is one of the most popular collector coins released by the Mint over the last 200 years. The vast majority of their collectability stems from the fact that the U.S. cent has an extremely unique history in regards to their production, design, diameter, and their historical significance (The United States Mint’s first circulating coin ever produced was the cent).

One of the most iconic variations of the United States cent is the fabled “Indian Head” cent, which was last produced in 1909, over 110 years ago.

Today we are bringing to you, a valued member of our collector family, the largest consecutive date “Indian Head” cent collection we have ever assembled: The Last 30 Years of “Indian Head” Cents.

A Name Given By Collectors: A True-Blue Piece of Americana

Now I know a few of you more experienced collectors will say the "Indian Head" cent is actually not an Indian... and you are in fact correct. The moniker “Indian Head Cent" is a term that was actually derived from the collectors themselves. The profile on the design of the “Indian Head” cent is actually the image of our own “Lady Liberty” wearing an Indian headdress, not an actual Native American.

We have assembled a consecutive 30 coin collection of “Indian Head” cents in quality circulated condition from 1880 to 1909, all of which were produced at the Philadelphia Mint. Want to talk about rarity? The United States Mint makes more cents for circulation every few weeks than it produced yearly for ALL of the “Indian Head” cents.

Plus, each of our coins are hand selected, and come encapsulated in a custom collector’s display.

At this much of a deal, these sets are certain to sell out. Most Americans born later than 1960 will go their entire lives without seeing one of these beautiful coins in their pocket change.

Don’t miss your chance to own a historic collection of one of our nation’s most popular collector’s coins today. Each 30-coin set will arrive with all of our coins in beautiful collector's quality circulated condition in our custom collector's display.

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