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Modern Issue Roosevelt Dimes with Display Album - 68 to 22 - 111 coins

Modern Issue Roosevelt Dimes with Display Album-68 to 22-111 coins

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A Collection Honoring Our Only
Three-time President
Every Uncirculated Roosevelt Dime from 1968-2022 (111 coins!)

The Roosevelt Dime has long been a collector’s favorite… and when you take into account the man behind the image, it is easy to see why. President Franklin D. Roosevelt was one of America’s most beloved presidents... in fact FDR is the only president to have been elected for a third term as the President of the United States! This was something that had NEVER happened before in U.S. History – and will never happen again.

We have put together a massive 111 coin collection honoring this All-American favorite, containing each uncirculated P & D Roosevelt Dime made from 1968 till today (2022) -- including the rarest Roosevelt Dime ever produced, the uncirculated 1996-W from the West Point Mint!

A Legendary Leader and His Iconic March

After the tragic death of President Roosevelt in 1945, legislation was quickly introduced calling for the Mercury Dime’s design to be replaced with one bearing President Roosevelt’s iconic image. What many did not know is that the decision to place Roosevelt’s image on our 10 cent piece came out of our respect for the life’s work of our former president.

No achievement is greater than his role in founding the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, an organization that is now known as the 'March of Dimes'. The Roosevelt Dime design was released on January 30th, 1946, the day that would have been the former president's 64th birthday.

A Controversial 'Communist Coin'!

The ‘Red Scare’ (a name coined by future generations) was in full swing during the release of the Roosevelt Dime in 1964, and it was having a major impact on the American public. The threat of the ‘Cold War’ spiraling into World War III struck fear into the hearts of the population. In fact, the fear was so real to everyday consumers that they thought the Roosevelt Dime was a coin honoring communism!

As a result of this Anti-Communist atmosphere, many people believed that the initials of JS placed at the trunk of Roosevelt’s neck stood for 'Joseph Stalin', the then leader of the Soviet Union. This was (thankfully!) proven to not be the case, as the initials stood for the designer of the coin itself: John Sinnock.
To make this the massive 111 coin Roosevelt Collection, we had to go back well over 50 years and are including one Philadelphia and one Denver uncirculated dime in collector’s quality uncirculated condition from each year of issue starting in 1968 all the way up to today (2022). After several months of grabbing all the Roosevelt Dimes we came across, we finally found enough to offer the complete 111 coin collection.
With most collectors not typically hoarding large quantities of Roosevelt Dimes, it became very difficult to even find a few of these coins in true uncirculated condition. Most collector’s building their own personal sets resort to breaking open United States Mint Sets just to get their uncirculated dimes from inside!

These sets take forever to put together and will not last long -- make sure you grab yours now while you still can!

Each coin in this 111 coin collection is in collector’s quality uncirculated condition and arrives individually encapsulated, and presented in our collector’s display album.

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