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Roman Bronze - Age of Chaos - NGC Certified

Roman Bronze - Age of Chaos - NGC Certified

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Each order is for one randomly selected Roman Bronze Age of Choas NGC Certfied coins. We will do our best to ensure you receive different rulers if you order multiple coins! We can guarantee up to 5 different rulers if you order at least 5.

An Ancient Discovery in the Mile-High City: NGC Certified Roman “Age of Chaos” Bronze Coinage

While at the Mile-High coin show in Denver, Colorado we came across something we searching for all year to find…a small hoard of ancient roman Bronze coins! These ancient pieces are authentic bronze coins minted by the Roman Empire more than 1,700 years ago! These coins are from a time-period known as the tumultuous ‘Age of Chaos’ – an era of violence that saw the entire empire engulfed in the flames of war!

But wait, it gets even better – not only are our coins true-blue Ancient Roman Bronze, but each of them has been certified by the expert graders over at NGC as being authentic ‘Age of Chaos’ coins!

When it comes to collecting, two things are stressed above all others –Quality and History.

When determining the quality of a coin, there are few that can analyze and grade coins better than the experts over at NGC, one of America’s most popular grading companies. When it comes to ‘history’ collectors typically mean one of two things: (1) is the coin now considered ‘obsolete’ or iconic due its significance in the history of coinage and (2) just exactly how old is the coin itself? Often times, the older the coin and the better the condition, then the better your collection.

Over the years, we have seen some really interesting pieces, but few can compare to the combination of History and Quality of these certified ancient beauties left over from the Roman Empire!

That’s right – These are CERTIFIED AUTHENTIC Coins from the Roman Empire!

Rome was a massive republic that existed for over 500 years from 27 B.C. to 476 A.D. and during that span completely dominated the planet as the largest active leaders in all things military, agricultural, and industrial. Outside of the ruins scattered throughout what is left of their massive empire, it was the coinage of Rome that had the greatest impact. They produced Pieces of bronze, gold, and silver minted with the face of their emperor proudly stamped into its design, which were considered good legal tender throughout the entire empire

Did You Know? The Roman Imperial Mints include, but are not limited to: Rome, Thessalonica, Siscia, Alexanderia, Nicodemia, Londinium (the Great London Mint), Heraclea, and Constantinopolis.

An Ancient Hoard from the Fall of Rome: 7 Different Rulers from 253 A.D. to 282 A.D.!

The role of Caesar is one passed onto each elected ruler of the Roman Empire, and thanks to the Empires incredibly long history it meant many individuals held the role of Caesar throughout Rome’s time as a global superpower. During the reign of each ruler they produced coinage that featured their own likeness, something that helped us accurately determine just how ancient each coin actually is!

These ancient Roman Bronze coins were one of the strongest pieces of currency during their time, and as such were heavily used throughout the world. As a result of such heavy usage, finding authentic roman bronze coinage that has not been worn flat by the passage of time is quite the chore!

Each of the coins in our small hoard are from between the years of 253 to 282 A.D., an era considered to be the Roman “Age of Chaos” as the incredibly large nation slowly began to decline and fall apart. There are 7 different rulers in this hoard: Gallienus, Salonina, Victorianus, Aurelian, Quintillus, Tetricus, and Probus.

Each of these roman pieces have been certified by NGC as being true-blue pieces of Ancient History!

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