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State Quarters from the U.S. Mint (1999-2009)

In December 1997, America's most adventurous coin program became a reality when President Clinton signed legislation authorizing the U.S. Mint to issue the innovative 50 State Quarters collection. Starting in January 1999, each of the 50 states in the Union were honored on a unique quarter dollar commemorative coin. Five states were featured each year, based on the order in which they ratified the Constitution or were admitted into the United States. On the quarter's front (obverse), the specific mintmarks can be found to the right of George Washington's portrait. The back (reverse) of each state quarter features a notable image or scene from the state being featured.

Due to the aggressive minting schedule, each State Quarter was minted for only about 10 weeks. As a result, mintages of each quarter were just a fraction of the "normal" quarters. Regular issue coins were minted at both the Philadelphia and the Denver Mints.

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