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1st and Last Small Size Silver Certificates

1st and Last Small Size Silver Certificates

Our Price: $89.95
Year: 1928 & 1957

Product Code: 19003

About this Product
The Rarest US Silver !!

When our paper currency was worth it's weight in Silver !!

The 4th Coinage Act of 1873 put the US on the Gold Standard. The valuation of Silver to Gold meant that the average citizen would use silver so it was quickly dubbed the "Crime of 1873" by many of our western silver producing states, and with the aid of politics we introduced the Silver Certificate in 1878 ... a monetary instrument backed by silver in US Treasury vaults.

With the rise in the price of silver during the 1960's the Treasury halted redemption of Silver Certificates for Silver Dollars in March of 1964. The following year, The Coinage Act of 1965 eliminated silver coin from circulation, and all redemption of silver ceased on June 24th, 1968. At that time a silver certificate could still be used in commerce, just not redeemable.

What does a Silver Certificate look like? For the past 100 years, the #1 distinguishing feature on a Silver Certificate is the Blue Treasury Seal.

Quality Silver Certificates are Scarce! Currency lasts 9 months in circulation, compared to decades for coins, and it is also made of paper. Being it is also used, quality vintage currency is far and few today. It is significantly more scarce than it's coinage counter part !!

This pair of vintage silver certificates includes 2 distinct types - the 1st series of small size currency issued in 1928 (called by many the "Funny Back" because many thought it looked like play money - not real US Currency) and the last silver certificate series issued in 1957 - a note that looks very similar to the paper money we carry today.

This is a perfect 2 Note Collection of an era long past!

This 1928 Funny Back is in Circulated condition and the 1957 Silver Certificate is in Uncirculated condition. Each come presented in custom currency snap cases.

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