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2023 Edith Kanaka 'Ole American Women Quarters

Welcome to our exclusive section featuring the 2023 Edith Kanaka 'Ole American Women quarters. As a dedicated coin collector, you'll be thrilled to explore our growing selection of these remarkable coins, celebrating the life and achievements of the influential Hawaiian cultural advocate, Edith Kanaka 'Ole. Our collection showcases a range of pristine, uncirculated coins, ideal for enhancing your numismatic assortment.

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About Edith Kanaka 'Ole

Born on February 3, 1913, in Hilo, Hawai'i, Edith Kanaka 'Ole was a renowned Hawaiian cultural advocate, educator, and kumu hula (hula teacher). She dedicated her life to preserving and promoting traditional Hawaiian culture and arts, particularly the hula, contributing significantly to the Hawaiian Renaissance of the 20th century. Her unyielding commitment to her cultural heritage and her passion for teaching others made her an iconic figure in Hawai'i.

Edith studied hula under the guidance of renowned kumu hula 'Iolani Luahine and Mary Kawena Pukui. She later co-founded the Hawaiian Music Foundation and was the first instructor of Hawaiian language at the University of Hawai'i at Hilo. As a teacher, she touched the lives of countless students, inspiring them to embrace their cultural roots and pass on the knowledge to future generations. Her teachings have had a lasting impact, with many of her students becoming influential kumu hula themselves.

The 2023 Edith Kanaka 'Ole American Women Quarter Design

The 2023 Edith Kanaka 'Ole American Women quarter is part of the United States Mint's multi-year series honoring trailblazing American women who made significant contributions to their respective fields. The coin features a stunning design that pays tribute to Edith's life and accomplishments.

  • Obverse: The obverse side of the coin showcases a modernized portrait of George Washington, designed by Laura Gardin Fraser. This refreshed portrait has been used for the American Women Quarters Program since 2022.
  • Reverse: The reverse (tails) presents a portrayal of Edith Kanaka'ole, with her hair and lei po'o (head lei) transforming into elements of a picturesque Hawaiian landscape. This artistic fusion signifies Kanaka'ole's lifelong commitment to safeguarding both the natural environment and the rich heritage of Hawaiian culture. The phrase "E hō mai ka ʻike" is inscribed on the coin, meaning "bestowing the wisdom," which highlights the interwoven relationship between hula and chants in preserving and celebrating Hawaiian traditions.

Discover our carefully curated selection of 2023 Edith Kanaka 'Ole American Women quarters, and honor the legacy of this extraordinary Hawaiian cultural icon. Add these exquisite coins to your collection today!