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Ultimate Bicentennial Collection with Display Album - 18 piece

Ultimate Bicentennial Collection with Display Album-18 piece

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Celebrating America’s Birthday With its Most Iconic Coins: The Complete Special Release Bicentennial Collection

A Nation 240 Years in the making...

Today we celebrate our Nation’s birth with our 4th of July celebrations. Exactly 245 years ago, the brave citizens of the thirteen North American colonies made the determined and dangerous decision to demand their right to be self-governed. The war for independence that followed tried the hearts and souls of each and every colonist, but their desire for freedom would not be extinguished; they achieved their independence after several hard years of conflict and set in motion a chain of events that ultimately lead to the United States of America becoming one of the world’s foremost superpowers.

Honor the brave sacrifices made by our forefathers this Independence Day with a collection that honors the Ultimate Bicentennial Coin Collection!

The Bicentennial Special Edition Releases

In 1976, for the first time in our (then) 200-year history, the U.S. Mint released three special issue coins for circulation: the Bicentennial Quarter, Kennedy Half Dollar and Eisenhower Dollar. Each was released with a unique dual date 1776-1976 (another 1st in our coinage history) and a special all-American design!

Quarter: Colonial drummer facing left with a victory torch encircled by 13 stars
Half Dollar: Independence Hall in Philadelphia
Dollar: Liberty Bell superimposed on the moon

There were three different types of Bicentennial coinage released by the Mint in 1976. The Philadelphia and Denver Mint made each design for circulation, while the San Francisco Mint struck a special proof edition. And as part of the celebration the U.S. Mint released special Silver 3-piece sets in both uncirculated and proof conditions. But That’s not all...the U.S. Mint also changed the lettering on the dollar, creating 2 distinct varieties - a flat or low relief (variety 1) and a sharp design (variety 2). When you add them all up...the bicentennial release has a total of 18 coins. (5 Quarters, 5 Half Dollars and 8 Dollars)

The Collector’s Secret

I don't know about you but I remember the celebration like it was yesterday...but it's been over 46 years since these coins were released! Today it is considered an extreme rarity to find Bicentennial coins in your pocket change, in fact I found just 1 (a quarter, in terrible condition no less) over the last 6 years! Add in the fact that most coin collectors didn't even know they made the special Silver Editions, and you’ve got the definition of a true collector’s coin!

The Mintage figures do not lie...less than 2% of all bicentennial coins were struck in silver by the U.S Mint!

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