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1955 Franklin Half Dollar - Philadelphia - Uncirculated

1955 Franklin Half Dollar - Philadelphia - Uncirculated

Our Price: $27.95
Year: 1955
Mint(s): Philadelphia
Composition: .900 Silver / .100 Copper
Diameter: 30.6 mm
Mintage: 2,498,181

Product Code: 10433

About this Product
The Rarest Franklin Half Dollar Ever Made! The 1955 Philadelphia Uncirculated!

An Act To Far & A Revolution an Ocean Away

Great Britain had been at war with France for over a hundred years by the time of Benjamin Franklin walked the colonies. In an attempt to recoup their ridiculous financial losses from their warfare for the past century, the British crown passed several pieces of legislation, like the “Stamp Act”, that over time came to be collectively known as the “Intolerable Acts”. As their name suggests, these acts were not kind to the thirteen small colonies across the Atlantic...in fact, these acts plunged Massachusetts colony into outright chaos!

In fact, it was on this very day more than 244 years later that the “Stamp Act” was officially repealed! After this our Founding Father Benjamin Franklin sent over a response that showed our British rulers that the Colonies had decided that the time was right to fight for their Freedom!

Franklin Responds...

Benjamin Franklin, one of the most influential individuals involved in the founding of our great nation, wrote a scathing satirical response to the Intolerable Acts titled: “An Act to Enforce Obedience”

The massive 4 page response pointed out that the these pieces of Legislation were nothing more than the British government showing that they have become fearful of the ever growing strength of the 13 colonies they had exploited so dearly.

...Then Helps to Found a Nation

It is often argued that Benjamin Franklin was the true lynchpin of the revolution; without his efforts in obtaining the support of our biggest ally, Britain’s arch-nemesis France, the United States of America would probably not exists as we know it today! He was so influential and vital to our nation’s success that when they commissioned the Franklin Half Dollar to be minted in 1948, he held the esteemed distinction of being the only Non-President to ever be featured on a circulating U.S. Mint coin! The iconic Franklin Half Dollars series was minted at the Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco mints, with its rarest piece commissioned only at the Philadelphia Mint in 1955!

With a mintage of just 2,498,181 It is easily the rarest Franklin Half Dollar of all-time!

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